Aroma Soothz Thermapeutic Products

At Aroma Soothz, we specialize in the careful production of essential-oil infused thermapeutic wheat pillows, aromatherapy massage creams and oils, and luxurious spa products.  All our products are lovingly made in Kwa-Zulu Natal by our all-lady team.  Aroma Soothz started in 2007 and has grown from a small home business to a business supplying quality products to salons and spas throughout South Africa, Namibia, United Arab Emirates and Kenya.

Our belief in the value of Aromatherapy and Thermatherapy guides our product development making Aroma Soothz products sought after in improving wellness and well being.

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic usage of fragrances from volatile plant oils.  It must be one of the most joyful healing methods available and it dates back to man’s earliest medicines. We all know the joy of a rose, the magic of a pine forest, the enticement of jasmine.  Aromatherapy is the science and art of using these fragrances to bestow health and balance on all.

Therapeutic care

We are passionate about natural healing and pain relief, improving well-being and reducing the effects of stress and tension through the use of heat therapy and aromatherapy.  Our 100% natural wheat products are infused with pure essential oils blended according to need.  They work using a combination of pressure, heat and aromatherapy to ease aching muscles, induce relaxation, increase circulation, and relieve stiffness. Cold therapy eliminates pain and reduces inflammation while easing swelling. Both rejuvenate the body and mind increasing wellbeing and alleviating discomfort in a natural simple way.

Our aromatherapy facial and body products are made using pure essential oils and natural bases, and have been carefully formulated by a certified aromatherapist.  Perfect for salon or home use, our salon products also come in bulk sizes making treatment costs more cost-effective.  No preservatives, parabens or chemicals are used in our facial and body products. No animals are used for product testing.

Aromatherapy and Thermatherapy Benefits

Release stress
Improve circulation
Restore Energy
Enhance sleep
Reduce swelling
Reduce inflammation
Alleviate pain
Improve sinus and respiration
Eases migraines and headaches
Relaxes body
Relieves muscle aches and pains
Assists in reducing arthritic pain and swelling
Assists in relieving diabetic poor circulation in feet and hands
Eases tendonitis

Essential oils used in heatable products

Clary sage
Rose Geranium
Tea Tree